Wake Up The Echoes
February 2, 2009, 7:00 am
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For almost a year, I haven’t had much of an itch to write. The ex-girlfriend exorcisms are over. Couple that with the affirmation of success and belonging that I felt in New Zealand, I’ve been (for me) pretty content.

Nobody really wants to read about how happy you are, anyway. Happy people are gross. That’s why Travis and Oasis have sucked as they’ve aged and found families. F. Scott Fitzgerald and Richard Yates, those miserly and miserable coots, saved themselves for the scene: self-destruction. They knew eternal happiness meant total irrelevance.

If you want uplifting, read the New Testament. Talk to your shrink. Me? I’ll ramble. I’ll suffer, but enjoy it.

But, surprise! No more about the past. You and me, let’s talk about the future. I’m holed up in an apartment, broke, looking out into New York City. You’d have to be dead inside not to be inspired.

I’m writing three essays, to be released in the week before my birthday (March 7). They will be on three topics. None will be about bad relationships.  Dubious? Let’s hope you don’t need to be.

So, three essays. To you. But really for me.

Please, put down the New Testament; piss to the epistles. Cancel your hour with Dr. Finkletwine; he’s only in it for the money, anyway.

Drink some bourbon, draw a warm bath, and let’s open up those veins. But in a good way.

The Wunderluster.