Breaking up is (not) hard to do
March 9, 2008, 2:00 am
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Hey people, sorry I’ve taken a…well, vacation from my blogging responsibilities. (Get it, vacation, I’m in another country).

It’s been a very hectic time around here. Basketball season has finally started. (Don’t ask, we’re 0-2 and I’m stressed). Also, I got a second job at the Otago Daily Times as a copy editor. (Don’t ask, I’m not very good at it and I’m stressed).

I’m pulling down about 40 hours a week at the newspaper and balancing basketball practice and games, so you can see how one might neglect his obscenely popular blog.

So, it’s with great (some mixed emotion word) that I write to inform you, my six, that Wunderluster is (probably) going to be retired.

(I’ll wait while you cry)




 Ok, but lemme explain. I’ve never broken up with six people before. Um, I guess what I’m proposing is an open relationship. See, here’s the deal: for some strange reason, people at the ODT like me. They like me so much that they want to give me my own blog on their new website, to be launced at the end of this month. Yes, I said blog. 

Now, I’m not big on blog bigamy. So, what I’m hoping is this: that you’ll be happy for me and let me put our little thing (Wunderluster) into the background for a while and you’ll follow me over the newspaper’s site.

This is a good professional step for me and a chance to take a departure from penning Morrissey’s Diary here at Wunderluster and actually achieve my dream of penning Amy Winhouse’s diary over at the ODT.

See, the ODT is a major New Zealand newspaper. Frankly, I have no business being there. But I stumbled into the interview just days after the AFC championship game, walking on clouds. I mean, how could things go wrong? 

I’m pumped and jacked for this opportunity. Some continued support, with help from a link on Facebook, will increase my readership and turn me into the most influential American in New Zealand. (There are currently 37 of us).

Anywho, the content in this blog will be slightly different. Gone will be depressing musings about regret and Ms. X and bitching about being afraid of shit. But I mean, it’s not like the only reason you read this journal is to have a masochistic chuckle at my carwreck of a psyche. Wait a second…..

Anyway, it’s been a great three and half months. But frankly, we were never right for each other. You were always a little too shy in the sack.

I’ll come back with all the pertinent information, I’ll give you my new address so you can send me my stuff that you’ve kept in your room.

Yours truly,

The Wunderluster

(If this all goes to shit, please don’t go out with anybody else’s blog so you’ll take me back)